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New Baby Names Released in May of 2016

New names continue to make it into the top 1000 baby names list each and every year. In May of 2016 the Social Security Administration published the top most popular boy and girl baby names for 2015. We ran our tool on this list of names and compared all these names from all the other [...]

Distribution of Number of Letters Per Baby Name

We used our baby name letters search tool to find out the distribution of letters per baby name in our 7,071 database of baby names. 10 - Two Letter Baby Names 215 - Three Letter Baby Names 846 - Four Letter Baby Names 1,645 - Five Letter Baby Names 2,048 - Six Letter Baby Names 1,397 - Seven Letter Baby Names 621 [...]

Gender Neutral Baby Names

Some names are given to both boys and girls. I refer to these as dual gender babynames. Some names are given to roughly the same number of boys as girls. I refer to these as gender neutral names. I utilized our dual gender baby names tool to analyze all the top 1000 boy and top 1000 [...]